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Pupil Premium - Sport

Sports Premium funding at Pennington Infants 2014-2015

Income  £6,185-00

Spent  £5,172-41

What we have spent it on….

  • New Forest Sports membership £900

  • Specific coaching: ‘Real PE’ 3 day course for PE leader.

  • Swimming£2,374

  • PE shed/base and shelves,

    Equipment service and repairs

    Tennis equipment, footballs and bibs   £2,911


£900 has been spent on the New Forest Primary Schools Sports Membership. As part of this membership, The New Forest School Games is a unique opportunity to motivate and inspire young people across the New Forest to take part in more competitive school sport. Staff are able to access training locally and there are also opportunities for children to take part in a wide range of locally organised competitions. This year, children at Pennington Infants  have taken part in competitions such as  Football.

The Real Pe training has led to the Co-ordinator becoming more confident in teaching PE, the children are developing -confidence and invaluable teamwork, coordination and spatial awareness skills through the real PE approach.

Lessons have become more structured and a big emphasis on physical development in the early years increased our movement and handling data from 62% (age related expectation) on entry to 84% . Some of the resources and ideas have been shared with KS1 sports LSA and have been used in year1/2 lessons.

Equipment is suitably stored and easily accessed.  Previously equipment was at the back of the hall not in easy reach. The shed has increased the opportunities for the children and helped with increased lunchtime play activities.

New rackets, net and tennis balls enabled us to develop our tennis skills and staff confidence in school.

With the purchase of footballs and bibs we started a football club after school which proved to be popular with a range of different children, including our most vulnerable. This led to the school participating in a New Forest football tournament.

Actions for the future…

Further REAL PE training for KS1

Continued tournaments

Monitor lunchtime sport – develop lunchtime sports clubs

To increase confidence and develop gross motor skills in early years (due to poor writers)

Target girls sport

Rugby and badminton resources