Pennington infant schoolReaching together on our learning adventure


Welcome toPennington infant schoolReaching together on our learning adventure


Picture 1 Miss Ivey, Class Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs C Sloan, Learning Support

Hello from Miss Ivey

Pennington Infant School is an incredible place to work and I feel proud to be part of its nurturing nature and inspiring ethos.  I find it so rewarding to see children achieve great things; working through challenges and showing growth.


I am extremely passionate about reading and find one of the most wonderful parts of my job is opening the world of books and reading to children.  I enjoy introducing children to what may become their favourite characters and exploring questions about the world and our place in it.  I'm also delighted to be a part of the Art team and love the fact that I can share my love of art with the children and help their creativity flourish.  I cherish every moment of seeing pride on a child's face when they succeed in making their artistic vision a reality.


I'm very thankful to work alongside children who continually inspire me with their motivation and creativity.