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Eco Warriors

Meet the Eco Warriors





Pennington Infant School Eco Warriors group is elected by their class mates. They work with Mrs Budd to consider how the school can be more environmentally friendly and how we can save resources and energy.


The Eco Warriors have identified 5 areas that they want to improve for the school.

1. Saving electricity

2. Keeping our environment tidy

3. Recycling

4. Saving water

5. Composting


The Eco Warriors have been thinking creatively of ways they can save electricity around school. They carry out spot checks on classrooms to ensure lights and computers are turned off when they are not in use and ensure the learning environments are also kept tidy.


The work carried out by the Eco Warriors links very closely with our HEART Values and the importance of caring for our Environment.  


Eco Code


The Eco Team are continuing to work hard to look after our environment.  This is our Eco Code that we promote throughout our school.


  • Everyone recycle
  • Care for the plants
  • Off go the lights
  • Walk when you can
  • Animals need care
  • Reuse
  • Recycle
  • International Learning
  • Ongoing - we never give up!
  • Reduce