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Gymnastics Competition

On Wednesday 19th December a group of gymnastics here at Pennington Infants, participated in a gymnastics festival at Priestlands. The gymnasts: Summer and Willow Payne, Ebony Sims, Scarlet Pope, Louana Balmer and Olivia Drodge had been training very hard to produce a complicated sequence to ‘The Greatest Showman’ which included splits, handstands and lifts! They then performed their second sequence to music from ‘ The Pirates of the Carribean’ which demonstrated some lovely shapes with straight legs, balances and rolls. The team proudly came 2nd overall and were issued with a medal! You did us proud!! Thank you Miss Draper and Ms Tracy Cox for all their training. Priestlands invited six other children to use some of the equipment during the afternoon for a gymnastic workshop, so Alfie Cole, Maci Peters, Amelie Rivron, Casey Simpson, Katie Wallace and Jessica Warry participated well