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Art Curriculum Statement


Our intention is that children at Pennington Infant School experience a high-quality art education that engages and inspires children as they experiment, invent and create their very own works of art.  As they develop, our children will be able to think critically and gain an understanding and admiration of various types of art.  They will learn how art reflects different periods throughout history and how it contributes to culture around the world.  During their time at Pennington Infant School children will build on previous learning to develop the seven key skills of art.  They will be taught about the work of a range of artists, craft makers and designers and be able to make links to their own work. 


We will achieve our intention by implementing a broad, balanced and progressive curriculum across the school.  During Early Years, children will be given the opportunity to explore colour, texture and shape as they develop their own artistic potential through play based enhancements.  Throughout Key Stage One our school follows the National Curriculum as a basis for art planning and we ensure to make links to termly themes and other curriculum subjects where appropriate.  We aim to expand the children’s imagination, creativity and understanding by studying the work and techniques of a range of artists, crafts makers and designers.  Children will embark on a learning journey that will enable them to develop, refine, record and present their work. 


The impact of our art curriculum will result in our children becoming creative and evaluative learners who have a deep understanding of culture and art from around the world   They will have freedom to explore taught skills using their imagination and individuality, becoming inspired by various artists, craft makers and designers.