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Music Curriculum Statement


Our intention is that children at Pennington Infant School experience a rich and varied diet of music that includes music from across the globe and through history, up until the present day.  Our children will develop a sense of musicality, enjoyment and appreciation of music by experiencing a music curriculum, which builds on prior knowledge and skills and enables them to gain musical independence.  By the end of Key Stage One every child will have been given the opportunity to perform in front of an audience and will have gained the confidence required to do this.


We will achieve the above by implementing a curriculum that offers our children the opportunity to use tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments and ensures that, as a minimum, the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum requirements are followed.  To enable this we use a mixture of Music Express, Hampshire Music Service and visiting musicians. Where possible, our music curriculum will complement our topic in order to provide a purpose for our children’s learning.  Our children’s music learning will be incorporated in each year group’s half termly Family Celebration; providing our children with the opportunity to perform to an audience.


Singing assemblies will take place weekly and will provide the whole school with opportunities to learn new songs and enjoy singing as a whole school community.  At various times throughout the year, every child in Key Stage One will have the opportunity to join the school’s choir and learn additional songs.  Our school choir will perform in the local community such as the local pre-schools, care homes, library and annual celebrations including the local Christmas Fair. On occasions, the choir will perform with the choir from Pennington Junior School, and where possible, Priestlands Academy.  .


Assemblies will provide children with the opportunity to experience a wide range of music.  Where possible this will include live performances, such as those performed by pupils from Priestlands Academy.  Wherever possible and when deemed appropriate, music will be played in other areas of the curriculum.


The impact of our music curriculum will result in our children feeling confident to embrace and enjoy any music opportunity that they are presented with as they move into the next stage of their learning.  They will have gained an appreciation of a range of music and will enjoy and respect the differences from different cultures and traditions.  Our children will have developed a sense of musicality and musical independence which will help them develop into successful musicians, wherever possible.


(Due to Covid-19 we are unfortunately unable to engage in assemblies, our choir or large group singing activities.  However, we are still enjoying singing in our class bubbles and are looking forward to offering year 2 the opportunity to learn ukulele rather than recorder.)

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