Pennington infant schoolA small school with a big HEART


Welcome toPennington infant schoolA small school with a big HEART

Visions and Values



At Pennington Infant School we aim for the highest standards in all we do. Staff and Governors work hard to ensure learning is inspiring, inclusive and imaginative in order to create successful learners. We work actively to ensure children will develop respect and skills to adapt to the ever changing world. We have a passion to improve the life chances of all our learners, which is embedded in our acronym HEART.


Our curriculum is value led: Happy, Environment, Achieve, Resilient and Together (HEART).

Providing a Happy learning Environment for all children to Achieve and become Resilient Together.

HEART Vision and Values Day


Our year begins with a celebration of our HEART values. Children in all classes participate in activities to relaunch the HEART values and remind ourselves of how we can abide by them. 


Children agree class charters and consider how they can support each other through kindness, friendship and tolerance. They set up sensory boxes for when they are feeling worried. 



Classes consider the impact they have on the environment. They plant bulbs and flowers in the school grounds ready to observe across the year. They plan how they will look after the classrooms and the role they play in keeping each other safe in different environments.



Children consider dreams, goals and aspirations. They set manageable targets that they want to achieve. These can be related to learning or personal achievements.



Children define the term resilience as having a go, trying again and challenging themselves. 



Children explore the meaning of working together and being a team. They complete a challenge that requires communication, patience and togetherness in order to be successful.

HEART Champions


We pride ourselves in celebrating our HEART values and working together in striving to be our best. As a school, children work together to complete our green heart display, located in our school hall. Children earn hearts for demonstrating any one of the HEART values. They may have demonstrated exceptional learning, achieved a personal goal, taken care of their environment, supported a peer, made someone feel happy or worked together. Once the green heart is filled, the whole school participates in a reward. This might be extra play, non-uniform day, dress up day or a party. The winning event is decided by the school council after discussion with the class.


Each week, class teachers select their learners of the week.  These are our HEART champions.  Two children from each class are selected to be the HEART champions based on one of the values that they have excelled in. Teachers share which value has been achieved on a certificate that they are awarded in celebration collective reflection on a Friday alongside a pin badge displaying the HEART value. These can be worn with pride on their uniform or collected on book bags.