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Welcome toPennington infant schoolA small school with a big HEART

Early Years

Welcome to Early Years!

Is your child due to start school September 2024?

EYFS Vision Statement


In the Early Years at Pennington Infant School we strive to ensure all our children develop as happy, confident and independent learners.  We are passionate about providing all children with a safe and stimulating environment that builds on each individual wants, needs and interests. Our EYFS aspirations have been developed alongside our HEART values so that children are accessing a happy learning environment where they can achieve and be resilient together. 


We believe that children’s time in the early years should be fun, engaging, physical and suitably challenging.  We value the importance of the outdoor environment and believe that it offers children the opportunity to develop their thinking, imagination, communication and problem-solving skills. We are committed to planning a curriculum that inspires and captivates the children, ensuring the development of the children’s resilience and thirst for discovery.  At Pennington Infant School we believe that an equal balance of child and adult led learning is fundamental to the successful transition of our children from pre-school to Reception to Year One.  


We are devoted to providing the best possible start to school life, teaching our children the skills and providing them with experiences which will ensure their well-being now and success in the future.



Maths Curriculum in EYFS

Our maths curriculum has been carefully planned alongside Development Matters so that children have opportunity to master key concepts during the Early Years. Our cyclical approach emulates that of our KS1 curriculum so that they are well prepared for the next phase of their learning. 

We work in partnership with the DfE statutory guidance for the early years foundation stage. It underpins the decisions we make with our children and the direction we support their learning in. As part of our own curriculum development through our EYFS Aspirations and Milestones, we refer to this statutory document to enrich our learning environment. This is also supported by the non-statutory guidance  Development Matters, which can be accessed by following this link: