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Maths Vision

At Pennington Infant School we strive to ensure that our children develop a confidence in number fluency and mathematics to prepare them for the next stage of their learning.  Our aim is for every child to develop a love and intrigue of mathematics, which will enable them to solve a range of mathematical problems, and reason competently about maths.  Thinking critically and creatively about maths is at the heart of our curriculum.  Wherever possible, we make links between the various areas of mathematics in order to support our children with their mathematical thinking. 


Teaching and using mathematical language is at the core of our maths learning as this allows our children to talk confidently and competently about their thinking and share how they have solved problems.  


Our Maths curriculum is designed around a Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract system enabling the children to solve a range of problems using different models and apparatus.  This approach also builds number fluency as our children learn the foundations of the number system and start to apply this independently.  All our children are given opportunities to master mathematics at their own level.

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