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Maths Curriculum Statement

Our intention at Pennington Infant School is for every child to develop a love and intrigue of mathematics. We aim to promote mathematical thinking through talk and using mathematical language. We provide plenty of opportunities to build reasoning and problem solving elements into the curriculum whilst also focusing on developing pupils’ fluency. The principal focus of our mathematics teaching in is to ensure that pupils develop confidence and mental fluency with whole numbers, counting and place value. Our intention is that pupils build on solid foundations and develop a deep understanding of the mathematics they are learning, before moving on to new content or concepts.


We implement a curriculum that encourages a mastery approach. Children are encouraged to develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills and learning concepts through concrete apparatus, pictorial images and finally abstract representations (numbers and symbols). This is called the CPA approach. The models and images we use are mapped throughout the school from EYFS to Year 2, to ensure progression and a depth of understanding. We work closely with Pennington Junior School to ensure we equip children with good mathematical skills ready for their next stage of learning.


Each teacher will respond to the needs of their own class so some topics may be taught slightly earlier or later. We assess your child before, during and after each chapter of learning to make sure that your child has mastered the concept before we move on. We will aim to help pupils deepen their understanding using questioning and varied presentation and help all pupils to achieve by providing extra support. At times, this will be through additional opportunities to practice, frequency of adult support/guidance (scaffolding) and sometimes through task design and tiered learning - short term changes in learning goals.


The impact of this is that we will not move pupils on too rapidly towards new content or concepts but all children will master learning at their own level regardless of their starting point.  Children will gain a strong understanding of the fundamental concepts of number and place value and have the confidence to reason about and make links within their mathematical learning enabling them to become independent problem solvers.



Year 1 outdoor maths using part part whole method Autumn term