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Welcome toPennington infant schoolA small school with a big HEART


Welcome to Hedgehogs

Welcome to Hedgehogs Class Page!

We are Year 2 and share our class with Mrs Warland, Miss O'Brien and Mr Jocelyn.



A typical day in Year 2:

We start our day with a morning job. This could be maths, English or a thinking task. How would you answer these questions?

          1. If a pigeon could talk, what would it say?

          2. Would you rather the world was made of sand or mud?

          3. What would it be like if you could only eat chicken?


9am - 10:10am After morning job, we complete an English task. This is split into two parts - Reading and Writing.  Mrs Warland gives us tasks about a high quality rich texts book and we respond to them in different ways. Sometimes we write about them, sometimes we discuss what we found out, sometimes we roleplay. Our books for the Autumn Term are these:




We are going to be thinking about what makes us special and unique before considering how our school day is the same or different to others. On alternate weeks, we engage in small group or 1:1 reading with our own text. These are matched to our phonic ability and tailored to meet our individual needs.

10:10 - 10:30 To end the first part of the morning, we work on our handwriting. As a school, we have recently begun to follow the kinetic letters scheme so the children are in the early stages of learning the new commands for each letter.


10:45 - 12pm After break, our main lesson is maths. We have recently started using Rekenreks to help us become more fluent with our number recall and fluency.  We love using a range of different concrete resources to help us with our learning.  We use numicon, coins, multilink and much more to help us bring our learning to life.



During the morning we always have time for phonics with a focus on application into spelling too. Each week there is a new spelling rule for us to practise. During the next half term our spellings are:




days of the week




Exception Words



Phase 5 GPCs



Phase 5 GPCs



Phase 5 GPCs



1pm - 2:35pm During the afternoon, we complete our wider curriculum learning. This includes Computing, PE, RE, PSHE, History, Geography, DT, Art, Music and Science. During our afternoon learning, we take part in a range of tasks. As a class, we love to work in small groups and create presentations or puppet shows to explain our understanding of the learning. Sometimes we complete our jobs independently, but our learning value of Together is really important to us as a class.


At 2:40pm everyday, we join a member of staff for Collective Reflection. These have a different theme each week and are connected to local, national or global events.


How to help at home:

Reading is always the first thing on our list of things to do at home.

Remember, we also have Google Classroom that contains the home learning for each week and different activities.


Here are some useful websites: