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Sports Leaders and Sporting Events

Sports Leaders

New Sports Leaders are elected each September and play an active roll in driving sporting events.  Across the school there are eight sports leaders representing the four house teams - Yellow, Blue, Red and Green. Our Year 2 children select four representatives while our Year 1 and Year R children select two representatives in their class.


Meet our Sports Leaders




Learning to Cycle in School

As part of our Early Years Aspirations, we are passionate that all children should be able to ride a bike by the time they finish their Early Years learning journey. Through a programme of developing core strength and confidence building, our children progress from balance bikes to pedal bikes across the year. This is done at a rate appropriate to the individual with varying levels of support and challenge so that they can all achieve this goal. As the year progresses, they develop more complex bike tracks in our learning environment and love whizzing around on the Key Stage 1 playground. 


Our HEART value of Resilience underpins this aspiration for our children. Further information can be found on the document below. 

Priestlands Sports Partnership


We proudly attend the sports events hosted by Priestlands Schools. Throughout the year, Pennington Infant School Pupils participate in a range of inter-school competitions including gymnastics, Futsal, swimming and cross country. Check back here for updates once we have completed our first events of the year.