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Lunch Menu


Our school caterers are award-winning caterers, managed by Hampshire County Council Education Catering, formerly known as HC3S. Visit the pages on their website for their menus and other information. News | Hampshire County Council ( You can also keep up-to-date, by following them on social media.

School Meals

Eating a hot meal at lunchtime helps children to focus and concentrate through the afternoon and we pride ourselves on delivering healthy, fresh meals everyday.  The school meals are cooked on the school site in the school kitchen and there are a choice of hot meals provided every day.  Menus offer children the chance to have vegetables and fruit as part of their lunch.  All children eat their lunch in the school hall.  A drink of water is always available.  Some parents prefer that their children bring sandwiches to eat for lunch and they have the option to bring their own healthy packed lunch.


Food Allergies

Due to the increasing incidence of nut allergies amongst children, we ask children to exclude nuts or products in packed lunches. The school is a NUT FREE ZONE! Contact with nuts or nut products is potentially life threatening to children with nut allergies.


Universal Free School Meals

All children in the Infants, i.e. those children in Years R, 1 and 2 will automatically receive a hot school dinner, free of charge.  This means that all children need to do each day is to choose from the menu (see link above).


There is no need to pay anything as the government have already provided schools with additional funding to cover this initiative.  In support of this, although the take up of the free hot meals is not compulsory, unless we hear otherwise from individual parents, we will automatically provide all Infant children with a hot meal free of charge.


If you are eligible for free school meals beyond the government funded scheme, please see the additional information that can be found on the Education Catering website:

Free School Meals Hampshire County Council

More about Education Catering, Your Award-Winning School Caterer 

With over 30 years of successful school catering experience, our ethos is to provide healthy, local, responsible sourced food that children love. Our tasty, freshly cooked, nutritious dishes help your children flourish and reach their potential. As part of a balanced diet, our lunches provide a third of a child’s daily calorie intake, to aid concentration levels and give them energy to focus and to play.  


We know that providing award-winning meals isn’t enough and so at Education Catering we go that step further, by helping schools and the wider community to encourage children, parents and carers to live healthy lifestyles and think sustainably.    

That’s why our ‘Ready Steady Cook’ and Cook, Eat, Educate programmes are fun, engaging and available in your area. We also offer healthy eating sessions at school in collaboration with Public Health England. Our added value ‘Food to Flourish Classroom’ resources help teachers educate your children in an innovative, food related fashion that cuts across the curriculum.  


Where opportunity arises, and in a Covid-safe environment, we bring live cooking and food related workshops to the classrooms. Sometimes, through partnerships with our suppliers and other local food organisations, this maybe outside of the classroom, creating sensory-filled memorable experiences.  


Celebrate with us throughout the academic year as we support, VegPower’s Eat Them To Defeat Them campaign encouraging children to eat more vegetables, Nutrition and Hydration Week and National School Meals Week; key events in the food and drink calendar which are lots of fun. 




Does your child need a medical special diet to eat lunch at school? 

If your child has a food allergy or intolerance, you may wish to apply for a special diet menu. As education caterers, Education Catering want to make this as easy as possible for you as a family. Their staff are trained in food safety and regularly update their skills on allergens. They never underestimate the dangers of food allergies and intolerances and that’s why they work hard to get it right.


If so, you need to create an account to register your child for a medical special diet. 

Once you have created your account, we will be able to review your medical evidence with our NHS dietician in order to devise an adapted menu for your child's school lunch. 


Living with allergies comes with its own set of rules so when it comes to food, as education caterers, we want to make this as easy as possible for you as a family. Our staff are trained in food safety and regularly update their skills on allergens. We never underestimate the dangers of food allergies and intolerances and that's why we work hard to get it right.  


More details can be found Special diets | Hampshire County Council ( 


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