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Welcome toPennington infant schoolA small school with a big HEART


Welcome to the Rabbits page!


We are Year 1 and we share our class with Miss Savin and Mrs Totczyk.



What our days are like!

We start our day with our morning job, the children will come in, and on the board will be their hand writing sentence for that day and four different words to support them with their phonics, reading and blending.

After the morning job, we complete our Guided Reading. This is on a two week rota. One week the children will be able to use our phonics books to read and answer questions about the book. The children also get time to read the book as a group and read this out to the rest of the class.

On the other week, we focus on comprehension based learning around our topic book. This could be looking at emotions around characters or why authors use certain punctuation and words.




The Rabbits class will then move onto their English writing task. This is always focusing on a specific book. Within these lessons, the children learn skills based around writing letters, diaries, stories, fact pages, posters, poems and much more. This session allows the children to be creative with different types of writing using different genres of books.

After break and snack, the children come in and set off with their maths. The children first start with their Rekenrek to support the children further in counting and their understanding with number. Once the children have completed this, we move onto our maths units. The children really love using concrete objects to help their learning, understanding and to be able to solve different math problems independently and part of a team.



Once maths is completed, the children will have their phonics sessions. The children will have flash cards of sounds and tricky words; children will also as a class and small groups will sound out new words together and talk about their meanings, before they set off into groups to match pictures to words and challenge themselves by putting these words into simple sentences.

The children will then get ready and enjoy their lunch together as a whole school.


In the afternoon, we start with some spellings, which links to our phonics lessons every day. Next, the afternoon is for the children’s wider curriculum lessons. This will consist of: History, Geography, Science, DT, RE, PSHE, Art, Music and Computing over the course of each week.


At 2:40, Rabbits will join the rest of the school in the hall for our daily collective reflection.


How to help at home:
Reading is very important – The children are matched to the correct phonics book which is right for them and a Library book that they chose.

To use Google Classroom where you can access our topic books from home, home learning tasks and activities that children can do in their own time.