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Ofsted Reports

The school had a section 8 Ofsted Inspection (1 day with 2 inspectors) on Wednesday 15th September 2021.  The last section 8 inspection took place in September 2016, 5 years ago, and prior to that a section 5 inspection (2 day inspection) took place in March 2012.  Over this time, the school has had various changes in staffing, leadership as well as changes to the class structure.

Below is the published report from the inspection on 15th September.  

We are celebrating the many positive findings within the report.  As the inspectors acknowledged: “Leaders and governors are justifiably proud of how far the school has come”.

Throughout the inspection, the children at our school demonstrated how “eager and enthusiastic” they always are and how they “feel safe and secure because adults work as a team to look after them”.  We are particularly pleased that:

“Pupil’s quiet pride in the school’s ‘HEART’ values – chosen by them – is a credit to the school.”

Even during lunchtime, the inspectors noted what “a beautifully civilised and sociable lunch” the children had together “before happily taking turns to play outside”.

Prior to the inspection, the Leaders and govenors had already identified the school improvement priorities and are excited by the journey we have begun. The inspectors agreed with these priorities and stated that “the whole school is now focused on what the school must do to improve”.  We welcome the fact that Ofsted will return to re-evaluate our successes.  

We look forward to sharing our progress with you, as we are all on this journey together.