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Pennington Infant School English Vision.

At Pennington Infant School we strive to create a genuine love for reading and writing. Our vision is for every child to develop the literacy skills required to succeed in their learning and future careers. This begins with learning individual letter sounds through active stimulating phonics sessions and continues with Guided Reading and discrete English sessions. We use ‘The Power of Reading’ to develop engaging learning sequences driven by high quality literature and exciting hooks. Within this our pupils have written campaigns to stop a giant monster moving into a local town, written postcards imagining they are Beegu visiting from another planet and made plans on how to stop The Iron Man from destroying farm machinery. Wherever possible learning will also link to a ‘real-life’ purpose, such as writing poetry for our local church or creating stories for younger classes. This enables our pupils to write for a real audience and read their work aloud. Our reading systems enable children to develop a passion for books, including fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Pupils leave our school inspired to read and write with passion, creativity and technical accuracy, having developed a broad and varied skill set.

Reading Raffle

This year we have launched a new reward system for children who are reading frequently at home. Every child that reads four or more times in a week will earn a place in that week’s raffle. Prizes include a range of small prizes and will be presented in the Reading Raffle at Friday lunchtime. Many thanks for helping your child to succeed with their reading. It is very noticeable to class teachers that children who have this vital support at home are more confident readers and develop an even stronger love for books.